Hey I'm Casey,teenager/Australian/gamer/actress/writer/fangirl/idiot

I love SuperWhoAvengerLock, video games, WTNV, Hannibal, RoosterTeeth, some Youtubers, and heaps more. If there is something on here you have a problem with just let me know. Bonus points if you have a link. Also on Snapchat and Xbox. Writing and art requests open!

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altaiyr says: shock my biohole infinitely



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Imagine your icon and you watching a movie and eating popcorn and potato rings. You icon gets a potato ring stuck to their ringfinger so they take another potato ring and sticks it onto your ringfinger whispering “We’re married now.”

We were very clear that we wanted a ‘burned’ paper look. This paper looks like it was scorched by fire.

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watched repo the genetic opera
it was pretty fucking cool

rt meme - favorite male rt member

↳ jon risinger


Teen Writer Problem #062

Writing romance when you have never been in a romantic relationship before.